A downloadable game for Windows

Authors: Serghei Litovcenco, Sandu Gonta.

Just a game prototype where you need to find all the lost members of your band on a map, hearing how the soundtrack gets more saturated as your band members join you, breaking through tons of skeletons with the power of your music waves!

You can move the cursor with Tobii EyeX Controller, OR with the WASD keyboard keys if you don't have the controller.

Don't let nasty skeletons take you down! Unleash full power of your music waves! }:>

P.S. The game hasn't change since the presentation in the end of the Game Jam, just some environment assets were removed to make the build process faster.

Install instructions

Controls: 'W','A','S','D' to move, 'I' button to fire!


YourBand.rar 84 MB

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